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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beaded keychain DIY

There are some things that just say a lot about people, you know? Their wallets for one.  (Mine is navy with a gorgeous gold clasp...and overflowing with receipts.)  Their dogs.  (I've got the most adorable labradoodle you've ever seen with the most adorable personality to match!)  Their desk drawers.  (Messy, messy, messy and full of things I am hoarding.)  And, of course, their keychains.

Think of all the different keychains out there.  Don't they say so much?  A carabiner?  I am adventurous and outdoorsy.  A rabbit foot?  1993 was awesome or I am incredibly ahead of the trend.  A mini stuffed animal?  I am the worlds most kind-hearted adult.  A bottle opener?  I live in a frat house or like to camp.  A souvenir keychain?  I've never been there but someone I know has.

Since I have always thought of the keychain is an extension of myself, I put a lot of effort into having pretty ones.  That's where the worlds easiest DIY comes in.  These classic and stylish keychains are made with simple beads from a craft store and suede cord and take just minutes to make.

I made a loop at the top of the cord which is tied off with a knot.  Then I strung the cord through the beads and tied a knot at the end.  I left the ends a bit loose so that they would hang down like a tassel and it was as simple as that.  I got the idea here, but instead of painting my beads, I just picked out pretty ones from the craft store.

You can decide for yourself what this keychain says about me... What kind of keychain do you have?


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