Sunday, August 31, 2014

On Sunday, when it rains

To sleep late on Sunday, cozy in bed and lulled by the cloudy skies and the soft pitter patter of rain hitting the balcony, is perhaps one of life's greatest pleasures.  It's been one of those days so far, the kind for mushroom omelets, flickering candles and one too many cups of coffee.  

We've had an icky August--it has rained or been cold just about every day this month--but today I won't complain.  Sometimes a Sunday wrapped in blankets listening to drip, drop, drip, drop is just what the soul needs.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


There may be nothing better than a weekend spent with good friends in a new city.  I was lucky enough to have just such a weekend last weekend in Dresden.  A stately and vibrant city, Dresden is the kind of place where street artists meet 19th century cafes, colorful riverboats meet opera.  

We reveled in a long lunch and lots of delicious food, a slow walk through the city and a bit of an afternoon nap in a comfortable hotel room.  We ate delicious Thai and had a great experience at Good Friends restaurant and we enjoyed the Stadtfest that was happening while we were there.  Mostly we talked, laughed, enjoyed the sun and the wonderful and impressive atmosphere of the city.  

Dresden is a stunning city with a very sophisticated yet approachable feeling and I would highly recommend checking it out if you are in Germany.  Don't miss the Cathedral, which is one of the most airy and uplifting I have ever seen.  Also, the Dresdener Zwinger is one of the most beautiful palace grounds I have ever seen!  

It's hump day here and I have been thinking about this last weekend ever since Monday came along. Now that we're heading towards the weekend, I am dreaming of planning another similar weekend soon!  Until then I'll just keep looking at the pictures...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The longest days of summer

Lake days are my favorite days of all--they are summer at it's most pure.  They are made for cherry juice dripping down your chin and water-logged prune toes.  They're the one time of year where it is okay to do just about everything in your bathing suit and accomplish nothing in a day but read 100 pages in your book. There's nothing like them and now that I have been back from our family home in Michigan for two weeks, my heart is aching to be back there, for I never want those days of summer to end.