Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome Weekend

It's early Saturday evening and I am enjoying a cozy evening home with Peter. He is fully and heatedly immersed in his favorite past time: Play Station Basketball. I am relaxing on my computer and trying not to cringe as he shouts German profanities at the television.

It's not really glamorous or romantic, but I still find these moments quite sweet. He and I spent so much time apart at the beginning of our relationship that we never got to share the more mundane things in life. So, now that we can, I try to savor every moment.

The weekends are perfect for this, partially because Peter is really only home on the weekends and partially because they are always just so low-key. I love waking up late and making a hearty breakfast, talking over coffee and scrambled eggs. I love lazing around on the couch in my pajamas, playing board games or catching up on this weeks' How I Met Your Mother. I love cooking a delicious soup or, like last night, a yummy German meal. And, I love doing this all with my silly little (huge) kitty cat!

It's the weekend evenings when I am lounging on the couch with Peter, with a glass of red wine or a beer in my hand, that I think about how lucky I am. To enjoy that is special for any couple. But, for Peter and I to be able to enjoy that (after having lived apart for so long)? Now that is really a miracle.

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