Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Tea Pot, Tagalongs and Law and Order

A cozy late winter night in Bavaria. Ate pasta (aglio e olio) for dinner, after a long day of doing projects around the house. As most of you know (since, you, my parents are the only ones that read this) I spent the day rearranging all my furniture, hanging up new art projects and being creative.

Now it's chill time. Of course, chill time wouldn't be complete with out a cup of tea. And for a nice change of pace today, I brought out my little tea pot, tea cup and saucer. So, I am sitting in my newly rearranged (and totally cozy) living room, with my pot of tea and some Girl Scout Cookies--Tagalongs, Samoas and Thin Mints--and a little Law and Order: SVU.

This is new, our fancy cable TV. Peter and I got it for ourselves for Christmas. It's nice to have the option now to watch shows in their original language. Nothing makes me feel more at home than Law and Order. Yes, SVU is creepy, but it reminds me of Friday nights in high school, post football game. It's been quite a nice evening. Although it would be better if my Boo Boo was home.


All this work on my apartment today has left me feeling very created and inspired. Not to mention frustrated. There are so many lovely things that Germany has that the U.S. does not (beer gardens, castles, krapfen); but, when it comes to salvaged home stuff is by far the bigger treasure chest. I have yet to find one salvage yard, Salvation Army-type store or garage sale. Sometimes I am lucky and find the odd treasure (like my awesome green floral chair!) on the street. But, mostly, there is no place to go to find cool, cheap, used goods! So, today I turned to ebay and made my first purchase on Hopefully sometime next week I will be the proud owner of some funky wood, dachshund-shaped book ends!

Additionally, all this made me think that perhaps I am missing my calling here in Germany. Maybe opening a salvage store should be in my German future. Maybe, I should do the refurbishing of salvaged stuff myself and sell it for big bucks online. It's time to start creating!

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