Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Women

Wives and girlfriends, mothers, sisters.  Best friends.  Aunts.  Best friends' mothers, sisters and aunts.  Grandmothers, mother-in-laws, mentors and teachers. Grandmother-in-laws. Chances are you have some amazing women in your life who deserve extra special gifts for Christmas.

I've put together a pretty little shopping list for those wonderful ladies in your life.  Enjoy!

1. Animal Perpetual Calendar - West Elm, 25,86€ -or- $29.00

2. Onion and Leaves Tea Towel - Etsy, $18.00

3.  Aztec Inspired, Multicolored Infinity Scarf - Etsy, $35.00

4. Melissa Striped Dress in Green - Ruche, $36.99

5.  Mia Jolie Indie Headband in Cream - Ruche, $24.99

6. Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker - Amazon (Germany), 23,95€ -or- Amazon (US)

7. Tote - S. Oliver, 32,90€

8.  Gilt Knob, Square - Anthropologie, 14,00€ (this isn't in the American store, but this is a pretty alternative).

9. Poppy Ring Pie Pan - Anthropologie, 34,00€ -or- Anthropologie US, $36.00

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