Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Artwork update: bedroom

Yesterday was my day off, so I spent most of the day tearing the bedroom apart, hammering into the walls, and creating pieces of art to hang on my walls.  

The typographical piece, I made myself using a song lyric that always makes me think of Peter.  I found the ballet poster on Pinterest and printed it and painted the colorful 'modern' piece above the center of the bed.  I also printed the flowers off the internet.  Cheap and easy art.  

I am not 100% satisfied with the artwork on the right side of the bed, however.  I hung and rehung (and hammered about 60 different holes in the wall--shh...don't tell Peter) but can't seem to get it just right with what we already have.  I plan on stopping by the thrift store today or tomorrow to find some more frames or maybe even some pretty artwork.  One thing I do love is the print in the black frame.  The frame is too big for it, so I will need a new one, but the print is from our summer house in Michigan.  It is a vintage print of the lake where we stay every summer (and my favorite place in the world).  It totally makes me happy to see it every day! 

What do you think?  Any advice for the right side?


Miriam Sauter said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful. The grey statement wall is such a brilliant idea. Miriam x

Anna M said...

This looks so cozy and lovely. I love it. I feel like something a little more rustic on the right side would even it up! It's totally fine the way it is. Enjoy your day :)