Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Groningen, part 2 (the quaintest dutch city)

Two weeks ago I started telling you all about our trip to Groningen this past April (you can see part 1 here).  Today I thought I would share pictures of the city with you.  What I immediately noticed about the city of Groningen when I arrived was that it is seriously adorable.  The red brick buildings and all the colorful doors and window frames had me squealing all weekend.  There were cats sitting on benches everywhere and people toting two or more kids with them on their bicycles!   

Plus, all the houses were so cute inside! (I totally did not look through other people's windows when their lights were on at night...that's something I would never do ;-)  Everyone seemed to have such a sense of making their homes not only livable but also so cozy.  In part 3 I will share more pictures of the houses--wait until you see the super steep, teeny tiny stair cases they all have!  

Another thing that really struck me about the city was the generally happy, energetic feeling it buzzed with.  The fact that it was one of the first weekends of spring probably contributed to that feeling, but generally, the people seemed much more open, friendly and happy than German people (or should I say Franconian people). In bars, everyone was smiling and laughing and chatting.  When certain songs came on the stereo, everyone sang.  People were extremely good-looking and well put together, which to me reflected how they felt on the inside.  I loved it!

On Sunday, before we left, there was a flea market in town--a real flea market, not like German 'old stuff' markets where people actually try to sell old travel-sized bottles of shampoo--brimming with antiques and fun finds.  I got myself an old Dutch school map for 10 EURO and a couple of fun accessories.  I got my mom a dutch windmill painting and drank coffee and enjoyed the fresh morning air.  It was absolutely perfect!

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Moz said...

These are great pictures... And yes, it looks like such an adorable city...