Sunday, August 11, 2013

The fruits of summer

Today felt good and oh so summerlike--German summerlike that is--and I was happy to have it.  It was cool and cloudy waking up, with the most perfect breeze coming in the window.  I worked in the morning and early afternoon and went I got off, the sun was shining and everyone was out enjoying it.  Nürnberg is full of tourists this time of year, but it is a nice little reminder that this is a special season.  

I meandered through the stalls of the farmer's market held every Saturday in Nürnberg's main market square.  There, surrounded by churches, an old book store and lots of sidewalk cafes, stalls with red and white striped canopies sell their summer harvest.  My mouth watered at all the fresh, local, perfectly ripe produce and gorgeous summer flowers.  There were beautiful green and burgundy heads of salad and cabbage, peaches so ripe you could smell their sweet juice, fresh mushrooms in white and brown and all colors of zucchini.  

I picked out just enough of my favorite things for me to enjoy on my own, which felt so indulgent and wonderfully selfish, and talked to the friendliest, most helpful people (rare in Germany and most definitely a sign of a good day). 

And, as if it wasn't enough for summer to gift me with this sweet bounty, just as I was leaving the market and took my first bite into a juicy peach, the heavens opened up and heavy summer raindrops began to fall.  With dark cloud overhead, it poured for about ten minutes and then just like that, as quickly as it began, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and left the summer sun to do its thing.

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