Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When the leaves and everything else begin to change

Making: Beaded keychains (I'll post about them here tomorrow!)
Cooking: With chanterelle mushrooms at least once a week.
Drinking: Yogi Bright Mood tea with basil and hops
Reading:  The Education of Little Tree by Asa Earl Carter, aka Forrest Carter, on the recommendation of my dear friend Ben
Wanting: The Creamy Chai Holiday Mercury Candle from Antrho 
Looking: A lot like Frida Kahlo, preparing for my Halloween costume
Playing: Good music all the time.  Current favorites include: Young the Giant, Kodaline, The Paper Kites and Sibylle Baier.  
Wasting: So much time on bad/awesome TV.  
Wishing: I could be enjoying autumn just a little bit more--that I didn't still have so many sad days
Enjoying: Autumn more than I expected to; spending time by myself; spending time with my girlfriends; knowing I will have no regrets about how I am handling things
Waiting: For the day I can get a dog, live way out in nature and cultivate a more simple life
Liking: Where I am for now 
Wondering: When I became an adult and when being an adult will start to feel easier 
Loving: Mom, dad, Kel, JJ, Danu, Ben, Shaquisha, Nicole, Kathrin
Hoping: That my 27th year brings me something better than my 26th year did.  
Marvelling: At how breathtaking and magical Germany truly is in Autumn
Needing: A hug from my mommy, cute new socks and something sweet
Smelling: Wood burning stoves being lit for the first time, roasted chestnuts, Nürnberger Bratwurst and my favorite Kitchen Spice candle
Wearing: New boots and lots of layers 
Following: My friends and family's advice and trying to just 'get over it' 
Noticing: How much I enjoy being by myself
Knowing: That I have a lot of people who truly love me and would do anything for me 
Thinking: About my future and what I want to do with my life
Bookmarking: Ideas for my new studio's gonna be so girly and eclectic  
Opening: Myself back up to enjoying things
Giggling: With my girlfriends all the time
Feeling:   Strong and like I am worth so much more, things are going to get better and life is going to be good again

*Taking Stock post idea and list from Meet Me at Mike's 


obat herbal stroke said...

very nice post
two thumb up for you ^___^

Dana Gerber said...

I hope this coming year is much better for you and I'm sorry the last one wasn't so great. But I'm sure, because you're you, that you're handling it all very well. Wish I could come visit!