Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cascais, Portugal

 Life is good when there is nothing to do all day but sit on the beach, warm in the sun, and drink wine.  The sound of the waves crashing soothes the soul.  The salty damp air fills the lungs and calms the body.  I could spend my life at sea, feeling small and expansive at the same time, learning about the energy of the ebb and flow, getting lost in the vastness, yet being a part of it and finding myself there.


At the beginning of December, I found myself drinking in the warm sun on a beautiful beach in the small town of Cascais, in Portugal.  I was only there for one day, but it was the best day I have had since I can remember.  My bones were warm from the heat of the day and my toes were in the sand.  The sea air seemed to heal me from the inside out.  It was so, so calming.  I highly recommend the town of Cascais if you are going to Lisbon, and would personally even stay there and take day trips to Lisbon if I went back.  It has great shops, fantastic food and the most quaint little beaches. 

I know it's been a long time since my last post but more pictures from Portugal are coming up later this week.  Happy Sunday, everyone!

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