Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reupholster Friday

Hello all.  After a lot of time away and a fantastic and relaxing vacation (stay tuned for more on that later in the week) I have a few posts for you.  I returned from the land of sea and sun (and an amazing additional two days in Berlin) to a house that looked cluttered, unorganized and energy-zapping.  So, I set out to tackle a massive to-do list and get everything in order.  I started by cleaning out our closet and removing all the old junk we had accumulated.  I threw away bags and bags of old stuff we don't need anymore and am getting bags of old clothes together to donate to the church here in Coburg.  Then I moved on to our pantry, which housed more expired products than it did edible ones.  Next I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard and then my desk.  Everything is spottless now and it feels excellent. 

Disassembled piano bench.
On Friday evening, it was raining and nasty out and Peter was working so I spent a lot of time doing all this and used a little extra time to reupholster the piano bench we inherited from Peter's dad.  I had promised to reupholster it when we moved into the house, um, a year and 3 months ago. But, heck, better late than never, huh? 

A little light in all the gray...stopped work to check out this amazing rainbow.
It was so pretty. This picture doesn't do it justice.
I unscrewed the seat from the legs and the frame and simply used a staple gun to cover it with a cute gray and white stripe I had laying around.  Then I re-screwed the seat onto the base and ta-da...a much cuter bench.  It is so cute, in fact, that when Peter got home and saw it, he asked if I didn't want to move it somewhere more noticeable.  Perhaps I will at one point, but for now it's doing its loyal part jazzing up the dining room wall. 

Finished piano bench.

The complete look.

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