Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coburg 'Flohmarkt': yes!

Despite the horrible weather--unrelenting rain and fall-like temperatures--the Coburg 'Flohmarkt', or flea market, went on this weekend all covered in plastic tents and glowing with tea lights.  The flea market always starts on Saturday night and goes until early morning Sunday.  Then, come 8 am or so on Sunday morning it opens up again.  It's a fantastically festive spin on the traditional flea market, as late Saturday night is also like a big party. 

Our cool new table from the top.
It wasn't as good this year as I remember it being before, probably due to all the rain, but I did find some awesome stuff.  I could only make one purchase (I am still a broke teacher, after all) but the one purchase I did make was SO worth it.  Peter and I bought a beautiful old, solid wood card table that once made it's home in a local brewery.  It's banged up on the top and needs a little sanding and a fresh staining, but overall it is beautiful.  It fits PERFECTLY in the kitchen where we needed a table. 
The underside of our cool new table. Can you see the round little shelf on the bottom and the cool trim on the sides?

We had been looking for one for a while and this piece fits well in the space, in our home and our lives.  We already had breakfast at it this morning and plan to make many more memories there.  There are great details on the legs of the table and a little round, divided shelf on the underside that may have been used by the card players as some sort of secret storage area.  Maybe some of you know?

I love this table. And the best part?  It was only 40 Euros.  We are still using chairs from other parts of our house at it and really need to get a pair for the table.  I am thinking either two mismatching painted vintage chairs (think Monica's table in Friends) or two somewhat sleek, modern chairs to offset the rustic-ness of the table.  I am leaning towards the latter but check it out and tell me what you think. 

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