Friday, March 23, 2012

Food on Friday: super simple, healthy lunch

This is bruschetta-like, but it's not a recipe.  It's more of a suggestion really...a suggestion to eat better, a suggestion to be less lazy about food and a suggestion to absolutely try this.  

Basically, I made bruschetta for lunch yesterday and it was to. die. for.  It was super fresh, filling and, to my knowledge, healthy.  Plus, it only took about 5 minutes to make.  

My trick was that I toasted my bread--I used a whole wheat bagel because I was planning to eat a very small dinner and wanted a large, filling lunch--and then rubbed a cut garlic clove on top while the toast was still hot.  Now, I am no culinary expert so I don't know how popular this trick is, but, as a garlic-lover, it has become my new best friend.  I got the idea from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Smart, huh? It adds the perfect dose of mmmmmm to this easy meal.  

I am by no means a great cook, so I am not going to give you a recipe here (you should create it your way and according to your tastes) but what I am trying to impart is motivation.  This took 5 minutes to make, my friends...5 minutes for a totally fresh, veggie-packed meal.  That doesn't really leave any room for any excuses, does it?  And, I promise, I love fast food.  But, this really tasted better than fast food and left me feeling better, too.  Like I said: motivation.  

I haphazardly threw freshly diced tomato, onion and basil in a bowl and then topped it off with a bit of olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper. But, if you need a recipe, there are about 14 million online.  I also added a bit of avocado to mine to make it a little more filling.  

Of course, if you eat lunch at work, you would want to skip the garlic toast (unless you really hate your colleagues) and take the pre-made topping in a separate container.  But, I am telling you what you already know, right?  

Guten appetit, my friends!  And have a fresh and healthy first weekend of spring!

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