Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lighten up for spring, part 2

I never would have guessed it one month ago, when the days were still cold, dark and dreary, but this March is blowing my mind.  Today was another warm, beautiful day filled with sunshine, soft breezes  and lots of little birds.  Germany, I have to say, you really are making me fall in love all over again.  

Last week, I posted a few ways to transition your home into spring.  Today, I thought I would give you a little look at how I put those tips to work in my own space.  The weather has made me go crazy for flowers and bright colors and I have spent some time in the last week and a half making adjustments.  I like my home to feel like a new place when the warmer months start to roll around.  Here's a little of what I have done.  

1) I added flowers
One of my favorite flowers are ranunculus.  They have been since I can remember.  So, when I found this great potted one at the discount market near my house--it was the perfect shade of fuchsia, one of my favorite colors lately--I didn't even look to see how much it cost.  Imagine my surprise when I got it home, looked at my grocery bill and found that it was only 1 Euro 50 cents.  What a steal!  They also had purple, red, yellow and orange ones, so I plan to go back tomorrow and buy a few more.

2) I brightened up my pillows
My big splurge while I was home were these beautiful citron pillow covers from West Elm.  I had had my eye on them for such a long time prior and I just couldn't resist.  Luckily, when I went they were on sale.  (I also got the beautiful, handmade black and while graphic cover in the middle of the couch on sale at West Elm while I was home.)  With my dark gray walls, I knew I needed a lot of color in this room for spring/summer and they brighten up the room drastically, don't you think? (Here's a picture of the couch before for comparison.)

3) I changed my accessories
It's tough to see in the pictures above, but I changed out the animal skull I had hanging above the bar, because it felt very autumny to me.  I also moved the adorable, dark brown owl candle my mom got me for Christmas.  I love them both, but I am looking for lighter colored woodsy accents this time of year.

4) I rearranged.
It's barely noticeable in the far left of this picture, but I added a bookshelf to the living room.  I love how much more it fills up the room.  This space is finally starting to feel more finished to me!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed this little house tour.  Have you lightened up for spring at all?  Is it spring where you are or is pesky winter still hanging around?  Do you have any extra tips to share with me?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope everyone's having an excellent (and sunny) day!

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