Monday, August 27, 2012

I realize that I haven't been the best blogger over the summer.  I've shared with you my enthusiasm for this slow, sweet, ripe season, but have pretty much left it at that: a mess of fresh, yummy recipes and pictures of nature.  Posting has been sporadic, impersonal and, quite frankly, sometimes uninspired.

I wish I had an excuse for this--something big or important--but the truth is, I have simply been overworked, exhausted and uninterested.  The rare moment that I have had free has been for spending time with Peter, spending time with friends or spending time with myself.   And, truthfully, it has been wonderful and just what I needed.

As I may have briefly mentioned here, I started a new job in June, which means I am now working two.  It's been a bit stressful at times, but has been a wonderful, wonderful experience so far.  I love everything about the new job--the people are fantastic and the work is challenging but fun.  I feel happier and more myself than I have ever felt in Germany, so I am very, very thankful for what has been going on.  It's the hours that have been killing me a bit and sometimes when I get home, the only thing I can imagine doing is getting straight into bed.


Autumn is my favorite season, and with the temperatures in Nuremberg cooling this weekend, I can't help but lay out plans and dream up dreams for the upcoming months.  In addition to getting super soft, oversized sweaters and a great pair of magenta work pants, I hope to work harder on the blog.  Posting every day is not something that I can commit to, but coming up with higher quality posts more often is something I can.

I'd like to share the things I love about fall with you.  I'd like to have place to write about what I am doing, thinking and feeling.  And, I'd like to (hopefully) give you some decorating, entertaining and living ideas for this truly magical season.  I don't want to waste time being distant or half-hearted, you know?

It certainly sounds good to me.  Now, I have to go enjoy this rainy afternoon with a cup of tea and a good book.  See you soon.

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