Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet, sweet August

A calm sunrise on Magician Lake in Michigan.
It's more than halfway through and this month is treating me oh so sweetly.  Most of it has looked like this and for that I couldn't be more thankful.  

I am back from vacation in the States now and August in Nuremberg is nothing but perfect.  Hot, sticky days and lots of lightening feel lazy and perfect for taking advantage of a few extra days I have free (or almost free).  Summer here has proven to be quite fantastic and full of flowers, paddle boat rides and birds on the water.  
Summer days in Nuremberg.
Late summer days in Michigan were also something to savor--full of peaceful moments on the lake, fruit, good food, even better company and the most magnificent meteor shower I will probably witness in my whole life.  Soon I will have a more detailed vacation post for you but until then I will be enjoying the perfect last few days of summer.  Hopefully you are doing the same.  

A fresh lunch on the lake.

The fruits of summer in Michigan.
At the lake house.
My favorite place on Earth. 

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