Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 quick ways to warm up your space for the colder months

As the temperatures cool here and I pull out all my scarves, hats and gloves, I thought I would give you a little insight into my favorite "small changes" to make your home cozy for winter.  Winter, as gloomy, cold and long as it can be here in Germany, is often a difficult time for me.  I love the slow pace and the coziness of it, but can't stand to be stuck inside with little to no sun for week after week month after month.  Making my home extremely warm and inviting helps make winter a little brighter and cheerier! 

1.  Play with textiles, patterns, texture and color.  
The more the better.  Furs (real or faux) are simple fixes for making a room cozier, as are velvet and suede.  Jewel tones and darker colors--such as caramel, deep red, peacock and emerald--add richness and pops of color on bleak winter days.  Graphic patterns contrast nicely with more earthy textures and colors, while tribal and western prints make your home feel like a fire lit cabin.

2.  Switch out your art.
Go for pieces with winter themes and/or warmer, richer colors.  Also, pay attention to the frames--chunkier, natural colored frames and gold frames warm up a room when the temperatures drop.  

3.  Bring in natural elements.
Whether it's a sheepskin draped over a chair, a pair of antlers, an owl motif or simply some pretty pine cones and winter berries, bringing the outdoors in is a necessity in the colder months.  You aren't able to spend as much time outdside enjoying nature and bringing it in allows you to continue to enjoy it.  Additionally, natural elements provide a warm, lodgey feeling and often are full of texture and color.

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