Monday, November 5, 2012



This morning I found an unfinished list in the drawer next to my bed.  It was a list of things to do in autumn, places to go, things to see and experiences to have.  Looking at it, I felt sad.  Time is flying so quickly and thus far this autumn I have done next to nothing on the list. 

But after staring blankly at the paper for a minute, I realized that I have nothing to be sad about at all.  I have had a fantastic autumn.  I have been places and done things.  They may not have been the things on my list, but I have seen them and done them nonetheless.  And sometimes, the best experiences are the ones we have not planned or even hoped for.  

Take this walk for example.  It was like others I have taken this fall, but this time Peter was with me.  It was yesterday, after a nice long weekend together and it felt very simple yet perfect.  The crisp, damp air felt good despite my cold and cough and the colors popped against the darkened sky.  

When time runs too fast and it's impossible to get everything done, sometimes it's the small moments that you haven't planned or put on your to do list that show you how sweet life actually is. 

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