Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anatomy of the perfect snowy evening

As you must know by now, cozy is my middle name (ok, not literally... but it was, according to my mom, my first word) and my ultimate goal for just about everything in my life.  I put cozy into everything and some days you just need that.  

And, then, there are days like today, where normal coziness is not enough--days where ultimate coziness is absolutely, 100% necessary.  

I'll spare you many of the details (which involve 42 children under the age of 7, singing The Hokey Pokey with my boss, a sore throat, heaps and heaps of snow and trudging through it and, consequently, wet socks) and just say that with the frightful and delightful weather, the beginnings of a cold and so much work exhaustion, tonight simply begged for all my favorite things!  

So, here is my recipe for a perfect get-over-your-crazy-day night in: 

1. Start with your favorite comfort meal.  No, it doesn't need to be even a little healthy.  Usually, I count health food as cozy food (it's almost all I eat and what isn't comforting about a bowl of homemade soup) but the ultimate cozy evening totally requires cream sauce and cheese.  So, I ate my weight in my favorite pasta and sauce (above). 

2.  Make some tea and throw in a couple of throat lozenges for good measure. 

3.  And heck, throw in a glass of red wine.  It was a tough day.  You deserve a little treat. 

4  Curl up in front of your favorite TV show or movie.  

5.  Add in warm socks, slippers and a soft blanket.  At this stage, it could only help to include a hot water bottle.  

6.  Sit back and enjoy your evening and don't even feel a little guilty about all this indulgence.  You worked hard today!

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