Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gemütlichkeit is: snowy Tuesday afternoon coffee

For those of you stuck in the Midwest or anywhere else cold right now and braving below 0 (fahrenheit) temperatures, I sympathize with you and wish you a lot of luck dealing with cold of that nature.  (You'll need it.)

I have only experienced such subzero temperatures once since I have lived in Germany and all it did was solidify my theory that if there is such thing as Hell, it is most certainly cold--not hot--and I definitely DO NOT want to end up there.  (Is there anything worse than being cold?  I think not.  I would rather be too hot than too cold any day!)

In those early days of February last year, I learned that two scarves are definitely not enough, sensation in one's hands and face is a luxury not to be taken for granted and snot certainly can form icicles along the edges of one's nose.  Tea, coffee, cocoa and soup may be the only things to get you through this miserable time.  Hot water bottles are a godsend, as are fluffy blankets and thick quilts.  And, for goodness sake, STAY INSIDE! 

Our current cold spell is luckily no where near as biting, but we have had about five consecutive days of below freezing temperatures and lots of snow.  It had been kind of fun up until today when I woke up to yet another frosty, colorless morning.  The sky is gray, the houses are gray, the roofs are whitish-gray and the streets are almost black with dirty snow.  Bleh.  

Truthfully, the only thing that could cure this serious case of the winter blues was as a lot of fat and sugar (and maybe a bright and cozy afternoon coffee with my love).  So, that's exactly what I planned; I picked up some Krapfen from the bakery, set out my most colorful tea towel and coffee cups, lit candles and waited for Peter to get up from his night shift.

Ahh...I'm going to be super cheesy here and say that it was like a little defrosting of my heart.  All that color!  All that coffee!  All that sugar!  All those lovely smiles!  Yay!

I hope you find a way to keep warm and cozy on this late January day!  XO

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