Monday, January 7, 2013

January details

Happy New Year from me to you!  I hope you are all enjoying 2013 so that you're getting back in the swing of things after the holidays.  It feels like it has been a million years since I have been on here, but what a sweet time it was.  Full of friends, family and delicious food, the last two weeks have really been indulgent and wonderful--a great way to end and start a year.  

This past Saturday I spent the whole day working around the house, trying to get it back to normal.  The Christmas stuff--which felt so exciting, cozy and magical before Christmas--was starting to feel messy and like waaaay too much.  It was driving me crazy, so I went to in "January" mode and tried to get things super clean and back into order.  

Plus, January can be pretty dreary around here.  While friends of mine in California are hiking outside, taking advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures, we here in Germany are stuck in a world of darkness.  The sun sets around 4:30 every day and most day it's so cloudy and gray that you need a lamp just to read a book at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.  Bright and cheerful colors and things that you adore are exactly what you need to help you keep your head up.  

I put together this little tray on my dining table and haven't been able to stop staring at it since.  It is full of happiness and beauty.  Even Peter keeps commenting on it (and he hates knickknacks).  Every time I look at it, it certainly lifts my spirits.  

I am in love with these new salt and pepper shakers I got from my mom for Christmas.  They're from Anthropologie and they're black and white!  I LOVE black and white.

The clementines are a perfect pop of fun, sunny color.  Plus, they taste delicious and are a healthy snack (also totally necessary after weeks of Christmas cookies, cheese, whipped cream and Jiffy Pop from my dad). 

The white berry/flower/branchy things are my new obsession.  I cannot get enough of  them and I find myself starting at them all the time.  Everything about them is so... January.  They are simple, white as snow and are fresh and clean with uncomplicated lines and an effortless feeling.  I had them in some evergreen arrangements for the holidays but the way they look bunched together in a little glass jar is so much more refreshing for this time of year.  

Simplicity is key.    

My mother sent me these beautiful measuring spoons (also from Anthro) for Christmas and I am in love with them.  They also bring a some brightness into these dismal days, as does the bunny tea towel (Anthro) and the beautiful new black and white print I put up in my kitchen (Etsy). 

What's inspiring you now that the year is new? Do you crave simplicity this time of year and de-clutter like I do?  Do you need color?  What details are making you smile today?  Leave a comment with your thoughts and your tricks!

Happy Monday and a fantastic week to you!

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Anna M said...

Happy new year! I SO feel you about the dreariness of January. After all the excitement, it feels as if you just kind of finished your roll down a hill and now you're just waiting for the next time you can have that much excitement!

It's just the same here in Virginia. The days are mostly cloudy and the sun is setting at 4:30 PM.

I love decluttering during the new year! It just FEELS good. I tend to like my color in the form of flowers. Other than that, I stick to a lot of fresh neutrals just so everything feels clean.

Have a good rest of the week!