Monday, May 20, 2013

Where the heart is

I woke up this morning in my childhood bed, in my childhood house with my mommy and my daddy.  As soon as I was up, this big love bug jumped up on my bed to give me slobbery kisses and the best cuddles ever. 

Nothing quite beats the feeling of waking up at home, surrounded by your family.  I am so excited to be here in California, to smell the fresh cut grass and feel the cool dewy air that portends a hot California day.  I am content to spend the morning chatting with my mama and going for hikes behind our house, to go to Target and to have an evening beer with my dad before dinner.  

I probably won't write much over the next to weeks while I am home.  I want to soak every moment up.  Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of May!  

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