Friday, November 22, 2013

Food on Friday: Pumpkin risotto with herbs and nuts

About a month ago, on a crisp October Friday evening, I had a dear friend of mine over for a cooking/pigging out session and we made pumpkin risotto.  It was the bomb.  End of story.

…Just kidding…With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I thought it the perfect time to post this recipe so that you have something to make if vegetarians happen to be coming over for dinner (make it with vegetable stock in that case).  This risotto is creamy and delicious and contains all of the wonderful and bold flavors of autumn.  It would be perfect served alongside chicken or turkey, but is actually a perfect main dish on its own.

I used this recipe but didn't puree one half of my pumpkin.  I just put the chunks in.  I also added some leftover mushrooms I had, fresh herbs, some small and crispy bits of sausage and roasted hazelnuts on top!  For the herbs, I added fresh sage and a bit of thyme.  My friend, a meat eater, wanted to add the sausage and I have to say, it really added a richness to the dish.  You could also use bacon pieces or something similar.  We garnished with parmesan and roasted hazelnuts, which was as delicious as it was pretty! Then we stuffed our faces with it and watched like 6 episodes of Revenge. It was pretty heavenly.  I love friends.  And I love Friday evenings.  Hope you're enjoying yours!

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