Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saying goodbye: last pictures of the old apartment

I moved out of our old apartment last weekend with a lot of stress, emotion and heartbreak.  But, before I started packing, I took a few last pictures of the place all cleaned up.  These photographs are my last memories of an apartment I loved, of my home and of the life I thought I would have.  They're so pregnant with lost hopes and dreams.  But, there is a certain beauty to that, as well, I guess.

I am in my new place now and I absolutely adore it.  It couldn't be more mine.  I love everything about it, from it's old rusty pipes and strange, old-building noises, to the tiny kitchen with hardly any room to turn around and the pretty multi-toned hardwood floors.  I know that this isn't going to be the easiest chapter in my life, but I feel so blessed to be experiencing it in a space that feels like me, that feels like love, that feels like a new beginning.

Thanks to everyone who has written me kind words on here as I have been going through this.  It means more than you know to me.


Jessica Moskwa said...

you have a eye for decorating! You old apt was gorgous and i know how it feels to move out of a place that was way more then just where you lived. It will always mean more then just the stuff in the rooms. However i am so proud of what you are doing, moving on to a new place a new you. And the new apt looks amazing already. Sending my love from many miles away.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but I feel sad for you because I have been where you are. However, I have also gotten through it and have become happier than I ever thought possible. I hope that for you, as well. xo