Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful bar carts

I don't know if you keep up on design blogs like I do, but if you do, you may have noticed that bar carts are THE thing right now...kind of like succulents.  (Ooh, imagine succulents ON bar carts!)  Bar carts are great because they don't have to be expensive or fancy but they are a modern, classic and fun statement in a room.  Modern AND classic?  Yes, if you can believe it. 

There is something very elegant and "old money" about them, while also being hip and new.  The best bar cart should be simple and somewhat modern looking.  Dark wood, ornamentation and anything too fancy looks too stuffy and a little like grandma's house.  Something deco or streamlined is perfect.  It is still glamorous (like you should be wearing an evening gown and drinking vermouth something-or-other) but also at home in a modern environment.

For our purposes here at Nifty Thrify, the best bar cart is a free bar cart.  Anything you have on hand can be used: a simple old cabinet, around waist height (or breast height if you are tiny like me); an old bookshelf; a side table.  Alternatively, the perfect place to look would be the Goodwill or the Salvation Army...something gold/brass and 1960s would be super sexy.  And, if you can raid your parents' attic or basement or find one at a flea market, more power to you. 

Now, also for the purposes of Nifty Thrifty, I have to say that as long as the bottles look nice (NO PLASTIC, you do not live in a frat house) I think it is totally okay to stock your bar with cheap alcohol.  Alternatively, you could get some cheap glass decanters, always buy cheap alcohol and disguise it while making your bar look super classy.   Makers Mark seems to be THE drink of the moment for stocking your cart.  It's expensive but, luckily for me, my boyfriend loves it and has a bottle (his choice, not mine...I much prefer 2 Euro wine) complete with a cool red wax seal.  

Some wine glasses and a few decorations are the only other things you need to complete your bar.  A lamp would be great, too.  Hang some artwork over it, too, please. 

Here are some cool pictures for inspiration.  

Beautiful 60s-looking gold bar cart from Joanna Goddard's house in New York.  She writes an awesome blog, A Cup of Jo.  I think I have a girl crush on her.   

A great little bar cart from My Little Apartment .
Bar cart from Cupcakes and Cashmere.
Sideboard/bar taken from My Little Apartment.
Also from My Little Apartment.      

An alternative to a bar cart, when you don't have the money or the space would be a cute tray stocked with your favorites, like the cart above.  Of course, if you have children, do not put alcohol within their reach.  Here is another example.
Cute table with a bar tray. 

I hope to get a bar cart soon.  And I hope you get one, too!  Have a nice evening.  XOXO

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