Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh, California!

Hello friends!  Here we are in the middle of a cold, cloudy summer in Germany and I am thinking of California.  One thing that I have noticed since I moved abroad is my growing feeling of patriotism...not patriotism in the traditional sense of the word--love and pride for your country--but a form of patriotism nonetheless, I guess. 

Since moving here I have found an overwhelming sense of pride and love for my STATE, CALIFORNIA.  Nothing is as good as in California.  When people ask where I am from, I say excitedly: California!  I dream of California.  And, as cheesy as it may be, when I hear the Katy Perry song "California Gurls,"  I turn the radio up to blasting, sign at the top of  my lungs and believe deep in my heart that the song was written about me and all my California friends.

I love California.  I am proud of California.  I miss it with all my heart.  That's why, when I saw these necklaces I fell in love.  How fun would it be to have California right near my heart everyday?  The Maya Brenner necklace is adorable and so perfect.  I love how delicate and simple it is.  The only thing not so excellent is the price tag: between $150-300 dollars!  Yikes!  The diamond is adorable, though, and perfectly placed if you ask me.

Maya Brenner California Pendant Necklace
But there are some cute cheaper versions out there.  They're adorable, too.  And, of course, more Nifty Thrifty.  This Dogeared design necklace is adorable, and while still a little pricy, not horrible.  Plus, it is certainly something you could wear everyday (I know I would). 
I Love California necklace by Dogeared

This Kris Nations necklace is cute, too.  I like the simplicity of the other two, but this is also quite sweet.  And I love the name: "State Pride Necklace."  He also has a lot of other really cute jewelry!

Kris Nations State Pride Necklace

  This Accentuality necklace is really cute too.  The bead adds a little something to it and you can choose the color yourself.  It adds a touch of color and fancy. 

California Mini State Necklace

Of course, these necklaces all come any any state of your choosing.  So, whichever state you have love for, show it proudly.  For those of you with your heart in two places, you could get two and layer them.  Also, Maya Brenner makes a super cute "Bi-coastal" necklace with an apple (for New York) and the California charm on it.  It would eventually love to have California, Michigan (my hearts second home) and Germany.  Heck, I'd love to be able to juggle them all in my real life, too. 

In the end, where you are from is in who you are.

Love to all my family and friends back home. 


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