Monday, July 23, 2012

Snippets from the weekend

I have a confession....

I am kind of addicted to Instagram.   I know, I know, social networks are bad and people are losing the ability to actually communicate with each other.  It's sad and I of all people understand why we would probably be better off without them.  Nevertheless, there is something about Instagram that I just can't get away from...

It allows me to take pretty pictures of what inspires me and what makes me feel "gemütlich."  Taking those pictures forces me to stop briefly in my day to contemplate some little thing that makes me happy.  And taking the time to do that generally allows me to be a happier, more appreciative and more creatively fulfilled person.  It's silly, I know, but I find that it's true.  Plus, I get to see what inspires other people, so it's like a superdose of goodness.  

I usually capture the little things: a simple breakfast, the way pink berries contrast with a blue striped tea towel, a full cup of tea, a sight around the city.  At the end of the day, I have a little record of all the things I loved about my day and am thankful for.  What could be better than that?

Here are a few snapshots that I took this weekend.  It was a busy one! I helped Peter get ready for his backpacking trip through the mountains of Slovenia (top right) and then went out for a romantic dinner with him.  He left this morning at 6 am and I already miss him a ton.  We visited our old German hometown of Coburg to visit Peter's family and were reminded of the beauty there.  Isn't it breathtaking?  (Middle row, far right and bottom row, right and left.)  It made me really nostalgic to be there once again.

It was a fantastic weekend.  How was yours?  I hope you had a chance to slow down and appreciate it, no matter how you choose to do that!

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