Monday, May 30, 2011

Branch jewelry holder

Hi, all!  I was hoping that I would get back here earlier than now, but things only get crazier by the day.  That being said, I had a few moments to be creative today and did a simple little project.  I originally got the idea from my favorite bedroom in an Ikea catalog but I also recently saw the idea on a blog, as well.

I wish that I could show you where but I have forgotten.  Anyhow, this project is sooo easy.  Here is what you need:

1 large stick (from your garden or bought from a florist or craft strore)
twine or colorful ribbon
a scrubby sponge (that you won't use again) or sandpaper

The process is really easy. If you buy a nice smooth stick from a craft store or a florist, you can skip step one.  I found mine in the park (totally free) so I had to wash them and strip off all the dirt and moss.  So, step one is to clean your branch with hot water and a rough sponge or with sandpaper.  Then, let the branches dry.


Once the branches are dry, tie twine or ribbon on both ends and hang up over your dresser, in the bathroom, etc.  Then decorate it with your cutest jewelry!  I wish I had a cuter picture of mine hanging sweetly over my dresser, but I actually don't have one (sadness).  So, I put it up above my desk for a picture so it didn't look lonely.  In reality, it's in my closet :-(  Enjoy!

Another really cute idea would be to use a much bigger branch with lots of sticks going off of it and hang it directly on the wall with a screw gun.  If it was big enough, it could take up a good chunk of wall and display all your stuff.  You could also paint it a pretty color or white.  Just let your creative juices flow.  Enjoy!


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