Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring fling

Tonight I have a new blog obsession.  It is called Decorating: A Journal by Nest Decorating.  The woman who writes the blog has a beautiful house.  It is colorful, happy and whimsical without being stuffy or too perfect.  Honestly, this woman's house is exactly how I would like my house to be someday.  :-) A girl can dream, can't she? 

In addition to her awesome interiors, the lovely lady who does Nest Decorating also makes the most beautiful jewelry.  Now, I know that normally I am very "thrifty," meaning that I tell you about things that are under ten dollars or are free.  But, her jewelry is SO beautiful and not at all unreasonable that I can't help but suggest it.  In fact, I am thinking about getting a few of the things.  They would make perfect gifts (it's graduation season!) because they are both really special and unique while not being too expensive.  Plus, it is great to support small businesses.  Her Etsy store is called Nest Pretty Things.  Here are the pieces I am lusting after...hint, hint, wink wink (I hope my boyfriend's reading this).  :-)

Little Sunny Earrings - $16.00
Beaded 14K Gold GF Hoops - $18.00
In this color
Sparrow Bobby Pin- This bobby pin is only $10
The Pia Earrings, Miranda Earrings and Mabel Earrings are also quite special. 

What do you think about this house?  Does it inspire you?  What does?  

Enjoy and have a nice evening! 


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