Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teapot and inspiration for this week

My teapot from eBay came this week while Ben was here and we probably used the thing 100 times before he left.  It is awesome and oh-so-charming!  It holds a liter of tea and looks great with almost every mug I have at my house.  And some how, it makes every room you carry it into look cozier.  Maybe it is it's curvy shape, the cute pattern or the promise of something warm to drink--I don't know-- but I have found myself carrying it around from room to room just so I can look at it and feel warm inside.  Of course it doesn't help that it has been almost winter cold this first week of May.   I am now thinking about the two cute teapots I have waiting for me in California and I am even wanting more.  Perhaps this is the beginning of an obsession or a collection. 

Can you believe this thing cost me like 5 Euros?! 

Additionally, I thought that I would put up a couple of pictures that gave me a lot of inspiration this morning.  Ikea Family (a kind of frequent buyers Ikea club) has a website where other Ikea Family members send in pictures of what they have done with Ikea stuff.  I had NO idea that people could do such amazing things with Ikea furniture.  But, check these out!  (All are off the Ikea Family Live website.)

By far my favorite.  I think it's an Ikea lamp and table.  Love the femininity of this one! And the wallpaper.

I love that this is modern and masculine but still super cozy. 

Love the old table, old rug and new couch. 

I'm obsessed with these bright colors right now.  And I like the idea of the lamp on the coffee table (even if the cord does look like a hazard).

I think this bookcase looks so subtle.  Doesn't look Ikea-y at all!

Love the couch and the traditional chair.  Plus, look at that wall of books. 

Okay, actually this isn't from Ikea, this is from the website Pinterest. Nice use of the yellow Hemnes, though.

Funky but cozy and unique. 

Additionally, I found these stencils of poppies online and they are totally making me want to paint poppies everywhere.  I have thought about trying to use them as iron-on transfers and making pillows or just trying to copy the design onto a canvas or paper and make a piece of art.  Or both.  What do you think? 

Anyway, maybe you can spruce up your Ikea furniture, too!  I am certainly going to have a go at it.  I think that for my living room, finding a vintage or antique coffee table would make all the difference.  The cheap coffee table and matching bookshelf probably give me away. 

Stay tuned for a few last minute Mother's Day gift ideas. 


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