Thursday, May 12, 2011


Over the last few days while I was "dealing with life" I took a little time to relax and calm myself and reorganized my desk.  I know that doesn't exactly seem relaxing, but I love to do this kind of stuff so I enjoyed it.  It got me focusing on other things for a while and gave me a pretty space to sit while I am writing or planning my lessons. 

The first thing I did was to buy a bulletin board for 3 EUROS.  Inspired by some of the blogs I read, I realized that I should have a place where I can easily tack up inspirational pictures or items, and then just as easily take them down again when my mood changes.  Plus, something like this can be a bit of a necessity for my forgetful mind.  I love the result and love that I have all these inspiring images constantly staring me in the face. 

Then I cleared everything off my desk and got rid of the clutter.  I decided to change my lamp to the other side and cover it with a temporary piece or cotton fabric (it's the new kind of bulb so it doesn't get that hot) because it is really ugly.  Hopefully I can get a new lamp soon.  Then I stacked things neatly and, caring more about prettiness than function, I added a few feminine touches.  I got a really sweet pink pearled taper candle at the drug store for .65 cents and a little green votive holder on sale for 1 EURO. 

Additionally, I changed the layout of the artwork on the walls because it felt too harsh and geometrical as it was.  I think the lack of symmetry now creates a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and doesn't feel as harsh.  I am still looking for something round to hang up...possibly a wall clock.  Anyway, here are some before and after pics. 

Before- Here is the before shot.  At the time I had just moved the desk.  See how hideous the lamp is?  The desk isn't horribly cluttered (although it had become so when I decided to revamp the area) but it is also not very cozy or inspiring. Notice how cold the wall looks. 

 After-  It is so much cozier now!  I love the bulletin board and the candles.  I love that it is a little more girly (sorry P., but you just have to deal with it).  Overall, it is just a more inspiring space. 
After- A close up of my pretty candles.  Made an egg cup into a taper holder by filling it with rice and putting the candle in.  I like how it doesn't fit perfectly.  The little box holds things like tape and paper clips (which I always seem to lose). 

In addition to revamping my desk, we have recently made some changes to the kitchen.  In fact, we did this when my friend Ben was here because his blowup mattress took up the whole dining room.  (Come stay with us!  That thing is huge and super comfy!)  We needed to put one of the tables in the kitchen (although it looks like one four person table, we actually have two two person tables).  We did it and fell in love with it.  Something about eating in the kitchen or having tea there was so cozy.  My kitchen gets great light, despite the fact that we only have a skylight in there, and always has a nice breeze.  So, we decided to keep the table (a table) in there.  We are still looking for another table, as our dining room is currently half empty, but I am hoping to find a vintage one at the flea market that comes through here at the end of June. 

And finally...Who makes this kind of stuff?  An actual "decoration" I saw at the German discount market.  Now I am sure that there are some of you out there who are SO talented that you could actually incorporate this into your decor and make it look cool and whimsical.  And, God bless you.  The rest of us should just stay clear!  Phleeeeeassseee!


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