Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bittersweet goodbyes

Brand new bedroom, painting completed, with our new, huge bed.
Hi Everyone!  How is the second week of January going?  It's oh-so-crazy for us! Actually, I am writing today to let everyone know that there will be a lack of posts for the next two weeks... :-(   Oh me, oh my...how sad that makes me.  I thought that I could keep up on my posts, but it is proving to be more difficult than I thought.  There is SO much to be done, we have been working until 10pm every night.  Then, we are exhausted.  And, we are both still working this week. 

Peter painting the bedroom.
Anyway, nothing to complain about...but it's going to have to be a quiet week on Gemütlichkeit.  Next week, we won't have internet, so it will be quiet, too.  Normal posting should resume on the 23rd of January. 

Getting the corners.
In the meantime, I have a few pictures from the new place for you!  We painted this weekend--our first adventure in painting, actually.  It was quite fun and not at all stressful.  We tend to get bickery when it comes to anything involving moving heavy objects, but painting was 100% relaxation.  We talked and talked.  It was really wonderful actually.  AND...we went with the gray and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! We did a dark, taupe-based gray and it turned out perfect.  We have been oohing and ahhing over this room since.  If you are thinking about going gray, DO IT!  You won't regret it (now if only the same thing were true for my hair). 

Painting completely, before we put up the bed. 
I had a moment last week where I cried my eyes out at the thought of leaving our current place.  I will miss our tiny town, my job, all my kiddies and my adult students.  I will miss the huge park we live next to and the castle perched on top of the hill.  I will miss our favorite restaurants, cafes and bars.  I will miss my dance class and my yoga class, my best friends and our family.  But, there is a sweet side to it all, too: we get to start a new adventure!  Things like this truly are the definition of bittersweet.  I am so thankful for what we have had here in our first little apartment in our first little home.  But, I am also thankful that I have a person to start this new adventure with and that we are both so excited to experience it together. 

I can't wait to welcome you into our new home!  See you in two weeks, when I will be waiting with an open door.

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Dana said...

I hope you have been enjoying it! I cried my eyes out when we left Berkeley, but like you said -- exploring Madison has been an adventure, and sometimes I feel like a child seeing the world for the first time.

PS) I love the grey!