Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just when I got the winter blues

I had a post all ready for today.  It was about how sick of winter I was and how much I was dreaming about spring.  It was about flowers and grass and little bunnies.  But then, something magical happened and I woke up this morning to snow.  Beautiful, white snow that was sticking to the ground.  Because we're having an unusually warm winter, we haven't seen that since the 15th of December!  Suddenly, I felt a little better about winter again.  

Oddly, when this happened, it was 42 degrees outside (yeah, like I said...MAGICAL).  I knew it wouldn't last long.  So, I hurried and got dressed and went outside to enjoy the snow, the white and the winter just a little bit more.  I guess I will hang onto winter one day longer.  Thanks, Mother Nature! (Now if you could just give California a little more rain.)

(These may be the last pictures I get of my little town in the snow before moving away...its a great way to remember it.)


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