Friday, January 6, 2012

A little inspiration to take you into the weekend

Beautiful, multifunctional room.  Via Ikea Family Live, "Maximizing space in an open-plan loft" by Ivy Nassopoulos.

Happy Friday, all! It's a holiday here and Peter and I have spent the whole day packing and packing and packing.  Ugh.  Can't wait for this move to be OV-ER! Luckily, we got a little sun today so I did manage to get out for a walk and enjoy the yellow sun, blue skies, white clouds and singing birds.  If winter were like this everyday, I would never complain about it. 

Hopefully Foodie Friday will be back when the move is complete, sometime around February (although I am thinking about doing it every other week seeing as I am not the best of cooks).   Today, instead, I thought I would give you a few inspirational things to think about as you head into a nice, relaxing post-holiday weekend. 

Here is post on getting the most out of your home, even in a tough economy. 
Here is putting that advice into action.  (My favorite suggestion? Do small things that don't cost money, like setting your table for breakfast, to make everyday activities more enjoyable. I personally, always light candles...even when I am paying bills.) These tips are what Gemütlichkeit is all about!  You don't need money, a lot of space or anything fancy to create a beautiful space and a beautiful life for yourself. 

And here is an article about things that make you unhappy that you should stop doing.  It's perfect to read right after the New Year's when we are all trying our best to shape this year into a happy, wonderful one.  It's also great to remember the whole year through.  ;-)  My favorites?
"Don’t think too much or you’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place." (How right is this? I wish I could tell my teenager-self this!)
"Stop overlooking the beauty of small moments."  (This is totally my philosophy in life.)

Have a wonderful, beautiful, grateful weekend.  See you Monday!  

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