Friday, September 7, 2012

As the seasons change

It really is amazing what a difference two weeks can make.  Just about 15 days ago, it felt like the middle of summer here--we were dying in the oppressive August heat and it seemed like we would never stop having juicy peaches.  

This week has been the complete opposite.  The days have been sunny and the sun has been warm, but the air itself is cool and many trees have begun to change.  September has certainly begun and fall feels like it is on its way.  

To make my place a little more autumn-appropriate, I decided to change up the colors, textures and patterns just a bit.  I took away many of my bright, springy colors and added lots of warm earth tones with pops of bright jewel hues.  The look is a bit more natural and warm--perfect for September and into fall.  

I also changed out much of the art on the wall above the couch, added my first two pumpkins of the season and tossed in a striped throw.  The graphic look of the throw and the "love" art give the room a more contemporary and young feeling and offset the otherwise overly-neutral look (compare the picture below to the one above it or two below it).

I finished the room off with some antlers and a vanilla scented candle and now I am eagerly anticipating the season of apples, plum cakes, soups, blankets, cool mornings and warm afternoons.  

How do you warm your place up for fall?  Do you love the season as much as I do?  What's your favorite thing about fall?  I'd love to know! 

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