Monday, September 3, 2012

When Monday is awesome

1. Because this is a real book. And in it, an elephant rubs a dog's belly with its ginormous foot. What's not to love?

2.  Because this was my weekend.  And with a weekend like this, how can you not go into Monday feeling awesome?

3.  Because this is my living room right now, all geared up for September (and yet still enjoying the end of summer).  (More about this tomorrow!)

4.  Because I had a between-work lunch date with boyfriend today and it was kind of amazing.

5.  And because I was so lazy this evening that I couldn't even make dinner and ordered a salad to be delivered.  I didn't even feel guilty about it because it was soooooo good and worth not having the clean up.
6.  Because we are going to Ikea tomorrow and I am finally getting this ^, hopefully!

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