Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcoming autumn

Things I love about fall:  cinnamon rolls and other warm Sunday morning treats. 
Fall started on Saturday and it was the most lovely, cool crisp and perfect day.  As were Thursday and Friday and Sunday...we've had the most beautiful start to autumn so far.  Even today, as wet and cloudy as it was, was cozy and perfect for sweaters and tea.  

Before I moved to Germany, fall was always my favorite time of year (although I had never really experienced a true one).  Then, when I first moved here, the darkness and the length of the winter turned me off to what was once my favorite time of the year.  It felt as though I had a chill in my bones that even summer couldn't erase and I dreaded the coming winter that autumn promised. 

Leaves under foot.
Then last year something changed, or went back to normal, I should say.  I found my love of autumn once again (it probably helped that we had the most beautiful one ever) and spent an entire three months completely in love with the world.  

This year, I already feel the same.  I feel alive and excited.  I feel the possibility of change and growth and also contentment with where I am.  I can't wait to enjoy every minute of the season, to spend time in the crisp cool air, with the warm sun on my face.  I love the sounds of dry leaves scattering across the sidewalk.  I love the cool moist days and cup after cup of tea.  I couldn't be happier to be in a place that has a real autumn for me to enjoy. 

Gorgeous, deeply colored and strangely shaped flowers and berries.  Don't you love the blue feather duster ones on the left?

A "kitchen spice" candle from Yankee Candle Company.  The best smelling candle ever. 

Some sort of funky autumn flora.
Autumn lighting, there's nothing like it...and a great flower by the lake. 
Figs and other seasonal fruits.  
A calm day on the lake. 
Another crazy bloom.
"Baby" swans.   
More of autumns bounty. 
A cozy place to read a book and drink tea. 
I hope your autumn is off to a fantastic start and that you enjoy every second of it!  I would love to hear thoughts about what you cherish most about this beautiful season. 

Walks in the park. 

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