Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hunky dads

Image via Pinterest.

One of the greatest beauties (and perhaps mysteries--why isn't it like this in America?!) about living in Germany is the plethora of new, hunky, 30-something dads constantly walking around with their babies.  These are men, scruffy and masculine, pushing strollers, wearing slings, carrying diaper bags and walking around in groups like they were taking part in "mommy and me."  

There is something that makes me smile about these involved dads.  They don't seem at all embarrassed or even phased by the crazy mess of bottles, wipes, binkies and blankets.  They wear their fatherhood proudly and own their role as a nurturer.  And this, of course, is rather hot.  

It's pretty fun for me to watch and can't be bad for little German babies either.  Why can't American men catch on and stop treating fatherhood like a threat to manhood?  Embrace it and all that it involves (stinky messes and all).  If not for your children, then for the attention of the like this and the one above might just be the new porn.  

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