Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Super simple housewarming gift (aka thank goodness for good friends, tea and cheesecake)

I made this super simple (shh! don't tell) housewarming gift for my friend Nicole yesterday.  Since it's her first real place on her own, I wanted to do something personal and went with a monogram.  I picked out a frame I liked and then bought a few pieces of heavy colored paper to print the monogram on.  

I loved this woodsy stick monogram from Martha Stewart and chose to use it.  You can find each letter of the alphabet here.  The only problem is that the letters are intended for ironing on and are therefore backwards.  I had to flip it in an editing program before I printed it.  Since it was a PDF, I couldn't flip the image as it was.  First I took a screenshot of it (see picture below) and then I mirrored the screenshot.  

As you can see from the image below, I chose the flip horizontal option to make the N look right.  If you don't use a Mac, you can use a similar function. 

This is how the letter looked in the end.  I simply printed it on the pretty colored paper and cut it to fit inside the frame.  And simple as that I had a lovely monogramed piece of wall art for a lovely new home.  

I added to the picture a pretty candle holder and a little fruit tea and I had a great little gift.  Best of all?  I got to see my friends place for the first time.  I got to drink tea with her and dish.  It was wonderful and very much needed and I can't wait to do it again.

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ngrissom said...

I was bragging about this yesterday to a visitor and I plan on pointing it out again today when another friend comes to visit!