Monday, October 31, 2011

Gray day

Ooh, I just love the warm and cozy palette from my last entry!  So much color and so much warmth to contrast with the gray skies that usually sit over Germany from about October to May.  (Wow have we been lucky that Mr. Sun decided to stick around this autumn!)  The weather can be so dreary here, that I have always been against the idea of gray decor...

...until recently that is!

I got the idea in my mind a while ago after seeing a couple of cozy pictures of homes with neutral gray or greige walls.  Then, today I stumbled upon this little snapshot from Sweet Home Style.  Typically, modern and minimalist is SOOO NOT my style.  But, I think this room is a beauty and I think it is one of the coziest rooms I have seen in a long, long time.  Something about it is just so inviting to me: all the throw pillows, fuzzy and rich with color, the soft warm light, the honey-colored floors, all those candles on the coffee table, the art, the trows.  I want nothing more than to grab a book and one of those blankets and lay stretched out on that couch all day tomorrow, which just happens to be a holiday ;-).

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