Thursday, October 20, 2011

New blog love

Good evening from Germany.  Yesterday and today have been cold and cloudy.  I have been bundled up in my house, enjoying the coziness...and eating.  It's been comfort food heaven in here: chocolate, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes (with caramelized onions and garlic, yum) and tea.  And I cannot forget the great company.  Peter has been home all day and Nico, who is still in town from last weekend, came over for dinner for a second time this week.  It doesn't matter that I feel a bit like I am getting sick--life is grand, ain't it? 

All this cold weather and tea has left me with a little time to do some perusing of other blogs.  In addition to my usual favorites (here, here and here), I discovered a new blog and I absolutely LOVE it!

The Daybook
The blog is called The Daybook and is written by Sydney, an adorably pregnant graphic designer from Virginia.  No, seriously, she is so adorably pregnant that she makes me want to be pregnant...if only so I can look as cute in my clothes as she does in hers. 

The Daybook

She has an excellent sense of style--if you ask me--and is creative but tasteful.  She's not afraid to take a bit of a risk but always looks classy doing it.  And the best part about it?  She's nifty thrify.  While many lifestyle blogs I read feature clothes that are out of reach and very Hollywood, Sydney's looks are totally attainable.  Many of her items are from Target (what a relief to find out that someone else wears nothing but Target leggings...take that American Apparel and your $40 leggings) and Forever 21.  And, she uses drugstore makeup!  See, I told you you would love this girl.   Check it out and get some creative inspiration.  Just be prepared, you'll want to be pregnant afterwards, too!

The Daybook

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