Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ikea heaven

Hello loves!  I hope you are having a fine week and are enjoying these super cozy days of fall.  I sure am.  I am all wrapped up in sweats and blankets.  I have got my hot water bottle and tea.  I am burning autumn-scented candles.  It's wonderful! 

The new Ikea catalog recently came out and I just ordered mine today!  I couldn't wait to get it so I did a little skimming through the online version earlier today and man was I surprised.  Ikea has become softer, more girly and far more creative.  Not all of the pieces look like they were made for a college dorm room anymore.  I was very impressed by what I saw...and totally ready to go on an Ikea shopping spree. 

Here are some pictures of my favorites! 

The new Isala laptop desk.  I am picturing it in an entry hall with a lamp and a basket for mail.  

How cute is this?  The Isala desk with the wallpaper behind it.  The catalog has tons of wallpaper in it this time.  I am not sure if Ikea is selling wallpaper now or not.  But this is so cute and soft.  I love this idea, to do just a small strip of wallpaper in a room.

I love these little shelves.  I mean I love them.  And for 39 Euros?!?!  They are practically giving them away.  I want one for my bathroom and one for my kitchen.  How cute would it be stocked with tea pots and cookbooks?

I think this little bathroom is so pretty and inviting.  I just want to jump in that tub.  I really love the romance of the candles and jar in the window. 

Isala coffee cute is this?

Cute romantic room.  Notice the wallpaper again (I sense a wallpaper post coming on soon).

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