Saturday, June 9, 2012

4 years ago today...

we met and I started one of the most memorable and important journeys of my life, literally. 

I can't believe it has been that long; time passes more quickly with each day.  Over those 4 years, I have gotten the chance to grow up with someone I truly admire and love.

Since the Camino is such an important part of our story and my life, I will be sharing some stories and information about it with you over the next month, the amount of time it took us to complete it. 

But, today, I am just going to enjoy the sun and the time I have with Peter and be thankful for that fateful June 9th 4 years ago. 


Anonymous said...

das gefällt mir sehr!!! ich wünsche euch weiterhin nur das aller, aller beste! ihr seid ein wunderschönes paar!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember the CAMINO !!! And somehow we were a little part of that time and of your history. Also we often remember our walk to Santiago d.C. This summer our daughter Maresa will have her challenge to walk the camino. If you ever want to visit Detmold again, don`t forget to meet us!!!.Greetings and blessings to you both. Matthias and Sylvia

James said...

Kathrin, danke :-) Es war ein wondershönes Tag.

Matthias and Sylvia, vielen Dank! Ich kann nicht glauben, dass El Camino schon 4 Jahre vorbei ist. Ich wünsche deiner Tochter einen "Buen Camino"!