Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer of the jam jar

What can you do with these?  The possibilities are endless...endless, I tell you!
Perhaps you've noticed that they have been all over Pinterest this summer.  Perhaps you have bought a few yourself and topped them off with stripey paper straws.  Perhaps you have hung a few in your garden and put tea lights in them (lord I wish I had a garden).  Chances are that you have them sitting around and chances are (especially if you are reading this blog) you have come up with some creative use for them.

I am talking about jam jars or mason jars are whatever you prefer to call them--the favorite go-to of the blog world, the DIY world and of the Pinterest community.  And I, my friends, am not immune to the peer pressure.

I freaking love this jam jar craze.  Because, seriously, what is not to love about an inexpensive, reusable , multipurpose vessel that also has a ton of super cozy, rustic and whimsical style? I am telling you, the jam jar is pretty much the boot cut jeans of the food/indoor styling world.

Don't believe me?  I have assembled a huge list of uses, ranging from the seriously practical (kid you not, you can take your lunch to work in one of these bad boys) to the fabulously stylish (faux mercury glass jam jars anyone?).  And a set of four cost me 2 EURO and 50 cents at the supermarket...

Prepare to be amazed!

1) The salad in a jar

I saw this idea on Pinterest and just had to copy it (using one of my own delicious salad recipes of course).  The original post is from here and is for vegan salads in a jar.  And, while I would really like to try a vegan version at some point, I just had to add a little feta to my salad to complete it.  This is seriously SO convenient and perfect for a summer picnic.  (Recipe to follow in a few days.)

2) The jam jar as a drink transporter.

Also perfect for a picnic, you can use a mason or jam jar to take a delicious and healthy drink on the go.  No more stopping for a bottle of soda.  Simply take some iced tea or a delicious "Schorle"with you in this spill-proof container.  The jar closes tight and does not leak when it tips over.  Plus, it looks chic when you open it up to take a sip!  Which leads me to my next use...

3) The jam jar as a rustic, cottage-y glass

Looks kind of cute, doesn't it.  Add a paper straw and your life will be perfect (or will at least appear so, because that's all that matters, isn't it?).

4) The jam jar as a lunch box

Similar to the jam jar salad, but without the fancy ingredients and picnic-worthy look.  Much more practical, this is simply last night's leftovers thrown into the jar quickly in the morning and tossed in your bag for safe and simple transport.  The picture above is quite literally what I took to work today.  (It's super simple leftovers in a jar: onion, tomato and bell pepper in oil and vinegar on the bottom, quinoa, pine nuts and feta on top.)

Okay, enough with the jam jar and food.  That's obvious.  What are some other uses?

5) The jam jar as a candle holder

Because, sometimes, you want things to look more romantic and salvaged than tailored and pulled together.  Sometimes, you want to be kind to the environment and reuse all those jars you have.  Also-- although you probably won't admit it--sometimes, you secretly want to pretend you are a cowgirl in love with a cowboy...and what says "Home on the Range" more than candles in a mason jar? 

This look is all over Pinterest right now, especially for weddings.  And though I absolutely REFUSE to get on the Pinterest wedding-board train (for fear of totally terrifying my boyfriend--the Germans just don't get it--and getting unachievable expectations stuck in my head), I have to say that this is one trend I hope stays around long enough to see my (possible, fuuuutuuuure, not for a long time, don't worry Peter) wedding day.  

6) The jam jar as a vase

It looks good and it's resourceful.  My personal favorite for flowers is actually the Nutella jar (above).  I love the shape!

7) The fancy jam jar as a candle holder/vase

Image and idea/instructions for mercury glass DIY from 17 Apart
Isn't this just beautiful?  I love mercury glass and this looks like a fun project.  There is also a doily-wrapped jam jar DIY project here. And I have seen a lot of people use lacy or paper doilies to cover the jars and then spray paint them. 

8) The jam jar garden (whoa whaaaa??)
Image and tutorial from Not Just a Housewife.
Okay, so I haven't tried this but it certainly looks doable.  And what an excellent way to grow herbs in your kitchen, for example.  Proof that the uses of mason/jam jars are endless!

9) Jam jar for storage 

Image/idea from House to Home.


10) Jam jars for salad dressing 

Image from Jamie Oliver
As most of you already know, I only make my own dressing.  I NEVER buy it.  When I make it, I make it in a jam jar.  Always.  Probably because I read a lot of Jamie Oliver stuff.  So, you can try mine or go here for some more ideas.  

11)  Jam jars as gifts
Image/project from Tip Junkie.
Do not simply give someone an empty jam jar.  You will not have friends and you will stop being invited to dinner parties.  Do, however, use one of these ideas as inspiration and give an adorable DIY gift IN a jam jar.  How cute and nifty is that? (More jam jar gift ideas here.)

11)  And for a million and one other ideas try this.  Or this.  

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The silver vase is so pretty! And all of the other uses are great too. I need to get some more jam jars :)