Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poll: living room turnaround

The new setup, looking towards the window/table.  
About a week ago, I rearranged our living room, just to try something out.  We are always lamenting not having a balcony and I thought it would help just a BIT to have our dining table in front of the window (ya know, because porking out is our favorite pastime).

The new setup, looking at where the table used to be (the bar cart is there now).  
There are some things we both really love about this new arrangement and some things we don't really like.  It's absolutely wonderful to have our table by the window.  We love a good, long meal and it feels so much nicer with a light breeze and a lot of sunshine.  We think it will be nice in the winter, too, when we can actually see the snowflakes falling.  However, the general set up of the room is more awkward now.  Before it was clear that we had a designated dining area and a designated living area and now the two are completely integrated, which I am not really sure about.

The old setup, with a more designated eating area.  (This is before I put the mirror up and changed the artwork around.  The artwork is as it is in the new pictures, no matter where we decide to put the table.  But here you can get an idea of what it looked like before.) 
Since I have been having so much trouble, I thought it would get your take on it.  So, complete the poll below.  If you want you can also leave me a comment with your ideas!  It would be very grateful! 
The old setup with the chair near the window.
The old setup with the chair near the window. 

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