Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gemütlichkeit is: lazy Saturday morning

Despite the busyness I have been experiencing lately, this past Saturday was downright heavenly.  No alarm, we woke up naturally super late in the morning.  The sun was streaming through the open windows and birds were singing their little songs, darting to and fro.  There was a slight breeze and the smell of coffee downstairs (where Peter was sweetly cleaning the previous night's dishes and starting breakfast).

I spent about 30 minutes reading and enjoying the stillness of the morning and all the sunshine and happiness that summer has to offer.  It's moments like those that embody what Gemütlichkeit (in the German sense) and this blog are about: enjoying the simple pleasures and making the most of them and out of the situation.

I recently found a lovely post on coziness on one of my latest blog loves called My New Roots.   The lovely Sarah, the author of the blog, says this:

"In Denmark, [the pursuit of coziness] is know as “hygge”, and it applies to just about every facet of life. From crispy autumn afternoon strolls to family dinners, hand-knit sweaters to petting the cat, hygge is everywhere and the ultimate reason for doing anything." 

Those words and the Danish mindset express my feelings about and view of coziness exactly.  It is my ultimate reason for doing (almost) anything and is way of life to me.  I am constantly searching it out and trying to create it because it is what allows me to enjoy life.  

In that way, you could definitely call me a coziness fanatic and maybe even a coziness expert.  Thanks for coming here to share in the things that help me build my cozy little world.  Let me know your thoughts on coziness in the comments.  I would love to know if you think I am crazy or if you often feel the same way, too!

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