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Go ahead, raid grandma's attic!

From Nest Pretty Things
I have been really looking forward to this post, so here it is:  granny chic.  I have heard this term floating around a lot lately and, after doing a little research, decided that I am a big fan of it.  Although it brings to mind terribly sloppy images of Mary-Kate Olson in a baggy sweater, floor length pleated skirt and John Lennon sunglasses, this is one trend I am digging!  Lately, I have noticed myself drawn more and more to looks that could be categorized this way--the blending of old and new, the pretty florals and fun details, the coziness....

But, putting it into use can be really tough.  Go over board and you risk living in a house that looks right out of Little Red Riding Hood.  So lets talk: what is granny chic and why should you add a couple of granny chic touches to your home?  Most importantly, how can you without getting stuck in the nightmare that is Great-aunt Mary's blue carpet and powder-pink silk flowers?
Via Dottie Angel
So, if it's not Mary-Kate's drab look (which is often more granny than chic) or Hümmel figurines, what is granny chic?  Granny chic is a current trend in home decor and fashion that incorporates crocheted fabrics and knits, laces, florals, (often) muted colors and vintage finds into otherwise contemporary looks. For the home, imagine crocheted blankets, quilts, vintage floral wallpaper, old jewelry boxes, picture frames and teacups.  The look is familiar and cozy, plus really pretty.  That gets it an A+ in my book.  A place that brings back little memories of grandma's house?  What could be better or more comforting?
LEICA (by AVIVA ROWLEY) via Mr. Darcy is my hero! Man, do I desperately want a quilt?!?!

So what are the tricks to doing granny chic right?

1) and most important: DON'T GO OVERBOARD.  Mix a few vintage pieces into your current look.  Add a crocheted blanket to the foot of your bed.  Find an awesome gold hand mirror to display.  Add a couple of cute glass goblets to your kitchen shelves.  The trick here is to work the trend into a more modern setting.  It should be contrasted with various pieces of normal, contemporary furniture and other current trends.  Here, the patchwork quilt looks fresh and updated with the black wrought-iron bed and the very modern and trendy yellow chair.
Via Nest Pretty Things via Hus & Hem.

2. Use granny chic pieces to soften up modern interiors and give them a hip, retro vibe.  This room is quite modern and is very sleek.  But, the crocheted blanket adds and little warmth and has a cool 1970s look to it. 
Via Concrete and Dust..
3.  Don't be afraid of vintage (or vintage inspired) wallpaper.  Wallpaper is HOT right now.  Should you go with the wallpapered look, keep other granny-style items to a minimum and add a few sleeker items.  It should be pretty and girly but still look modern.  I'd update the look below with fluffy but simple white duvet.  
 Via House to Home
6.  Dark wood! Dressers, tables and more look granny chic in dark wood!  Plus, super cozy, right?
Via Confetti Garden via Nest Pretty Things

5. Pay attention to details.  The granny chic look is all about creating cozy nooks in your home in your own way. You know already that I love to create little vingettes on my desk or dresser: pretty boxes stacked on some books, rings laying in a pretty vintage dish, a key hanging on the wall, vintage photographs leaned up against a mirror.  A trick to mastering the granny chic look is just this.  Display the things you love, the things that are pretty.  Buy some beautiful table cloths and use them everyday.   Use old china teacups painted with flowers.  You probably never thought you would hear this again, but get out some lace doilies.  Buy a couple of glass goblets or sugar bowls at the Salvation Army and display them on a shelf or a side table.  Anything vintage looking or pretty goes!
Via Nest Pretty Things, via Kissed by a Rose Vintage
6.  Have fun with it and don't even worry about all these rules!  Whatever feels comfortable to you goes!  Gone are the days where being young meant your home needed to look modern and sleek.  It's all about what makes you feel happy and comfortable now.  Pretty and even nerdy is in.  So grandma it out!  Just stay away from silk flower arrangements...please.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and the granny chic looks.  I will post more cute granny chic rooms (and maybe even a few outfits) as I see them! 

Do you like the granny chic look?  Would you do it?  What do you want most?  Which piece do you think would make the most impact?

Carrot Cake by Debbie(art) via Nest Pretty Things via Decor8

Via Nest Pretty Things.  I love how the vintage dishes and glassware and paired with the bright colors in the more contemporary-looking artwork. 
Via The Hearth. What a cute idea for colorful hankies.       

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