Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend recap and 1st Advent

I hope everyone had a really amazing holiday weekend.  Mine was quite nice.  I ate a whole lot of turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie and drank a lot of Glühwein.  Plus, the Christmas market opened this weekend.  It's been super festive around here. 

I also started decorating for Christmas.  
And Sunday was the First Advent here.  It's such a wonderful time, so relaxing and family-oriented.  Peter's been working for the past 6 days so I was alone, but I enjoyed it by my faux fireplace (above), Thanksgiving leftovers and a Glühwein.  

I hope you also had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Back to real life now.  But, Christmas is on it's way!  Yippee!

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