Friday, November 4, 2011

A long but great day

from Crafty Mama of 4
I am exhausted and soooooo ready for bed.  Today felt ridiculous, like it was 27 hours long.  But it was great.  I got to have two great autumn walks with Peter, coffee with a birthday girl and a Skype sesh with my friend in the Netherlands.  :-)  The only thing missing was my mama...Where have you been mama?  Jamie and Skype miss you a lot! 

Chestnuts and candles in jars and glass holders on the buffet table at Thanksgiving (my first time ever hosting) in Germany last year.

Now, it's all about the sweat pants, super thick sweater I bought at H&M today for 7 EUROS, a scarf, my hot water bottle and about 97 blankets.  Yes!
Chestnuts on a metal tray with pillar candles as the centerpiece (cozy but we could all still easily see over it...even tiny midget me).
I thought I would leave you with a cute little idea for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.  This one is free and comes right out of your backyard.  All you need to do is gather some acorns.  No, really...go outside and do this now.  You're back?  Great!  Now, put them in two, three, four or five glass candle holders.  You don't have candle holders?  Put them in clean jars (the more the sizes vary the better).  Now put a candle or a tea light in.  And...ta-da!! You have an adorable Thanksgiving table-scape. 
from DecorTrunk

Last year, I did a take on this with chestnuts (huge here in Germany).  Instead of using candle holders, I used a metal tray and grouped about 5 different sized pillar candles on it.  Then, I filled the edges of the tray with chestnuts.  This year (currently) I have two glass holders with acorns in them on my dining table.  A large group of them would make a complete centerpiece (like in the image below). 
from Shannon's Shanonigins

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