Monday, June 17, 2013

Betty White

She was just calling my name.   Saturday, at the flea market, my little white bike.  She's old and rusty and second gear gets a little stuck.  She's got plenty of scratches and a loose bell that dings every time I go over a bump.  But, she's cute, little and feisty and is always down to have some fun.  And I love her...I have had her 3 days, but I love her. 

Meet my new bike, Betty White.  

Yesterday, my friend and I took her out for a little spin.  The day was absolutely perfect--we rarely get German summer days like that--with it's cornflower blue sky, puffy white clouds and warming sun.  Being a Sunday, the pace was leisurely and we stopped for ice cream along the way.  

It was the best day, truly wonderful and one of those gifts that you feel so thankful to have been given.  

Summer in Germany can be just perfect, like the idyllic childhood summers you read about in books.  The days when the wild flowers are in bloom and the strawberries are ripe, when the sun decides to peak out and warm the cold that settled in your bones over the long winter.  Those are the days I never want to end.  

If you are ever in the Nuremberg area, this is a short bike ride that I recommend.  You can follow the river east past Wöhrder See.  Continue along to Laufamholz, Nürnberg and cut across the river and south to Eisdiele Dolomiddi (the ice cream shop).  It's homemade ice cream and the line moves fast.  We thought it was delicious.  

Continue eastward on the same side of the river (south of it) until you go under the Autobahn, at which point you can turn around and go back.  It should take you about 2 hours including the ice cream stop.  It took us four but we stopped a lot and, as I was just getting to know Betty White, rode very slowly.  


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! Absolutely makes me hope that our dream of moving overseas becomes a reality.

Anna M said...

I love all the pictures you've left us with! So beautiful. I hope the gorgeous weather continues! Have a great week :)